The Erosian Exile

Prince Ruby Valentine


Landscapes, Cityscapes, Dreamscapes

AI Artist

Characters, Animation, Videography

Ruby was first a musician, then a photographer - which evolved to videography. His recent obsession is to animate Midjourney pictures and set them to original music.


Rock, Electronic, Epic

Erosian Exile is a band Ruby shares with the author and visionary Erica Xenne. The songs on ‘Slave to Freedom’ are framed as a conversation between them, with her on vocals and him on guitar. Ruby occasionally reinterprets their music and posts under the title "Ruby's Angels."


Poetry, Fantasy, Erotica

While Ruby dabbles in poetry and erotica, his greatest accomplishment in the field is to inspire Erica Xenne. Her series, Night Gem, is about the Gods of Erosia when they were still mortals - and Ruby helps her remember Erosia.


Philosopher, Romantic, Idealist

Prince Ruby was known to emblemize the principles that Erosia was founded upon. Unfortunately, Erosia was corrupted, and his own royal family forgot what Erosia stood for. Ruby determined to discover the ways of old and save Erosia, but his family rejected his efforts. Heartbreak destroyed his spirit until ultimately, he was exiled.


Lover, Aesthete, Dreamweaver

Show me the love and I'll show you the chaos.