The line - between myth and religion, dream and reality, making love and fucking - is drawn wherever you start believing.
Believe what you will and have your way with me.

Prince Ruby Valentine
Mayor of Dystopia

Erosian Exile

My first act was to murder the Queen of Erosia in childbirth. Laymen professed to be my father while Valentine women competed for the throne. They praised their creators and utopian ways, yet defied the principles that Erosia stood for. To restore beauty, I vowed never to speak except through the arts. I kept my vow until I was exiled.

The Origins of Erosia

The origins of Erosia are revealed in the series called 'Night Gem,' written by a fellow Erosian Exile named Erica Xenne along with her linguist friend, Elliott Lash. In the series, we follow the creators of Erosia when they were mortals, and join them on their journey to create Erosia. We hope to remind everyone of their message, and ultimately, remind Erosians what their home planet stands for.

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Erosian Music

After I was exiled from Erosia, the muse Erica Xenne followed me here to Dystopia. She was told she'd lose her magic powers and found herself speaking in a whisper, so her singing voice was lost. Determined to lure me back to Erosia, she started a band 'Erosian Exile,' sang through her whisper, and wrote songs arranged as conversations between her vocals and my guitar lines.

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